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My Hauptwerk Home Organ (HW1)
(Added December 18, 2005)

My Home Organ (HW1)
( Updated September 18, 2006 )

My Dual Computer Organ (HW1)
( Added October 17, 2006 )

My Triple Computer Organ (HW2)
( Added January 29, 2007 )

My Triple Computer Organ (HW2)
(Silbermann Demos)

( Added March 11, 2007 )

My Zwolle-Schnitger Organ (HW3)
( Added June 14, 2008 )

My New Home Organ (HW3)
( Added to on July 12, 2008 )

Caen Cavaillé-Coll Organ - 2009 (HW3)
( Added in May, 2009 )

St. Annes CODM
Surround Organ - 2009 (HW3)

( Added in May 27, 2009 )

The Paramount 3/32 Theatre Organ
with Multiple-Speakers (HW4)

( Added April 3, 2011 )

It really amazes me how much this whole Hauptwerk system has expanded over these last 5 years!!!

(Ditto 9-07-2012)


BTW: I have uploaded new HW files on the Concert Hall website:

search for my files under the name CHRIS_037



My Hauptwerk Classical Organ (HW1)
New Files Added October 25, 2004

My Hauptwerk 5-Manual Organ (HW1)
New File(s) Added December 20, 2004

My Hauptwerk Le Grand Organ (HW1)
New File(s) Added July 3, 2005

My Hauptwerk III Grand Organ (HW3)
Files Added December 5, 2008

My Hauptwerk Band-Organ (HW1)
New Files Added October 05, 2005

My Hauptwerk Theatre-Organ (HW2)
New File(s) Added March 18, 2006

My Hauptwerk Triple-Computer
Theatre-Organ (HW2)

New File(s) Added  May 10, 2007

My Hauptwerk Four-Computer Organs (HW3)
New File(s) Added  November 27, 2007

MacPro - Hauptwerk
EXCEL layouts

File(s) Added
 December 13, 2008

This new EXCEL Layout #25 shows
a recent organ speaker grouping:

This is another new EXCEL speaker grouping
featuring 26 stereo groups and
eight 4-speaker groups
Layout #26

This EXCEL table shows
the rank to speaker mapping
for the Major I HW sample set
using Layout #26

This EXCEL table shows speaker groupings
for the 4/50 Paramount Theatre Organ.
This is Layout #28

This EXCEL table shows
the rank to speaker group mapping
for the HW Paramount 4/50 Theatre Organ
using Layout #28

The following EXCEL table shows
the rank to speaker group mapping
for the HW Layout #29
42 stereo pairs of speaker groups

  Here is the way I have placed the ranks
for these three organs using Layout #29:

Hereford                Caen                 Zwolle


This is what Layout #31 looks like, plus the routing of ranks to this Layout for the HW Major I American Classic Organ (9-05-2013).

Layout #31            Major I     

The EXCEL file for
'Cycle within octave,
octaves and ranks cycled'

ADDED: 4-25-2011

The Jim Reid Virtual
Pipe Organ Page (HW3)

New File(s) Added  August 1, 2007

My HW3 Grand Carillon (HW3)
New files added: December 20, 2007

The Christopherson
Dictionary of Organ Stops

New Stop(s) added 9-19-2005





(Files added 2-20-2005)

(File added  2-18-2005)



ANDROID NIM 2012 for the PC and MAC
(Files added 5-23-2012)
click on either android →

(Files added 8-08-2005)


DRAGON EGGS 2012 for the PC and MAC
(The updated version of SNAKE EGGS)
(Files added 7-18-2012)
click on either dragon droid


Math and Science Poems
(added 1-23-2005)

My Mathematicians Paintings
(added 1-24-2005)

My Science Fiction Paintings
(added 1-25-2005)

My Cartoons: Fourth Period Math Class
(added 9-24-2005)

80-US Magazine Art
(added 1-23-2005)

The Darkside of my Family Tree
(added 1-24-2005)

My Walnut Shell - Toothpick Sailing Ships
(added 1-24-2005)