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DRAGON EGGS 2012 for the PC

23.4 MB

DRAGON EGGS 2012 for the MAC

23.8 MB


This 3D version of my old TRS-80 game "Snake Eggs" is created with Unity 3D. This was my second game back then.

The game works for either PC or the Mac computers. These files are zipped. Just download the file and unzip it. Then double-clicking on the resulting Unity file will run the program. One can set whether the game runs in a window, or full-screen. An aspect ratio of 1440x900 windowed, or 1680 x 1050 full-screen, displays the screen as I intended. Also the quality of the graphics can be set. The top (upper) settings will run the program fastest but at some quality loss. The bottom (lower) settings will smooth graphics and eliminate those jagged effects on slanted lines and edges. But the downside is more computer power is required.

Help at any point in the game can be seen by clicking on the <HELP> icon. Information will appear on the screen to explain what's going on. All game play actions are done with the mouse.

This little game is my unique version of "21" or "BlackJack." It's not intended to be exactly like the card game, as one will soon see. After placing one's bet, two "cards," or egg-rolls in this case, are done for both the player and the dealer. At that point the player may decide to stand (keep the total at that point) or hit (have the player's Dragon Droid roll another egg. Player hits may be repeated, but the idea is to keep the total at 21 or less. Once the player has selected to stand, the dealer's Dragon Droid will decide whether to stand or roll again.
Whether the player or the dealer wins is determined by comparing their totals. Whoever's total is higher, but not over 21 wins. Each with the same score of less than 21 is a lose for the player. Both at 21 is a draw, Both over 21 is a draw. Drawing an Ace and a Face Card in the first two rolls is a total of 21. Click on <HELP> at the end of a round of play to see how the result is determined.

Since 'Dragon Talk' is mostly a matter of hiss sounds, the translation of dragon comments is shown above each dragon.

For those interested in Unity 3D, I have made extensive use in this program of the following added assets:
A-Lab Software RapidUnity Extra Primitives, Component Copier, and TTFText Pro.

Leo Christopherson