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How to Learn SEO Step by Step

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. This is the term that is used by different developers and by digital marketers around the world just for the sake of getting on the top searches of the search engine or on any social media. This term has recently picked up the market and it has been going on for the past few decades only. In simpler words, when you search for Facebook on Google, you just type the letter F and the first suggestion you see is of Facebook. You must be thinking that this can happen because this social media platform is famous but the fact is that it was once not. They made it happen because they used different SEO tools to make it the most searched social media in the planet.

SEO also does wonders for new businesses, ever seen those new businesses who just got launched and already have so many hits on social media pages and even their website comes in the top searches of different search engines. This can happen if you know all the tricks and tips of SEO. And if you have a business which needs to get a head start then you will need to learn everything about SEO because if you go about hiring a SEO expert, you have to invest hundreds of dollars and learning a new thing is always good.

Now, to learn about SEO, the first thing is that you need to know that what kind of your targeted audience is. Is your audience kids or adults, are they just for ladies or men, are for animals, is your website providing services and information for the city, state, country or the world etc. all these things depend upon your website niche. You can look for different tutorials online, you can see subscribe too different channels on YouTube.

If you are just using the social media as your business platform, you can write catchy descriptions and use images that says all about your business. There are businesses on Instagram and Facebook who are earning more than millions in a month. Always remember, that doing SEO and getting results from it might take months, so, don’t get disappointed at any point while learning and practicing. You can learn different skills by taking online classes of SEO in Dubai and you can also learn about Arabic marketing by UnitedSEO