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Commonly asked questions by painting beginners

Every great artist was once a beginner who went through a lot of practice and hard work. Go here to know more about painting classes in Dubai. So in the beginning it is okay to have a lot of questions in your mind. Like what paints to use, what colours to mix, what technique to use. So, here is a list of questions that often beginners ask: 


  • Is it necessary to learn drawing before painting? The answer to this question is it is not mandatory to learn drawing before painting. With your practice and desire to paint you can learn your own technique

  • What type of paint should I use? Well, one can use any type of colours. A wide range is available like oil paints, water paints, acrylics, etc. Each colour kind has its own specs. But for beginners often acrylic paint is recommended. It is easy use to apply, mix  and dries readily.

  • Which is the best brand of paints and what brand should a beginner use? There are number of paint brands available but basically there are two categories i.e. one for artist and one for student paints. So beginners should use student paints as they are cheaper and best for beginners budget.

  • Can different brands and types of colours can be mixed on a painting? Well, different brands of paints could be mixed and over the period of time you will learn which mixture will give the best result. Also there is variation in the type of colour to be mixed. Like oil paints can be used over acrylic paint but acrylic can not used over oil paints. 

  •  What colours should I get in the beginning? One should get two shades i.e. warm and cool of primary colours. As on their mixing they will give a wide range of colours. 

  • Is it necessary to learn about the concept of colour theory? Colour theory tells about the shades of colours compliment each other and which colour contrast will enhance the painting. As long as you keep practicing and painting you will learn this by your own experience.

  • What material should I choose for painting? This depends on the kind of colour you are using. As acrylic could be done on canvas,  card board, paper but water paints could be used only on paper.

  • What kind of brushes should I use? A beginner should start with a no. 10 filbert brush but over the period of time you learn to use different kinds of brushed and techniques for your painting.