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Fun Facts about Cars

A car has become a necessity of life and it is a blessing for those who have to drive miles to work and because of a car, those people are able to come back on time and spend sometime with their families. Cars have a beautiful history and a very progressive one as well, but did you about certain fun facts about cars! You must be thinking what can be interesting facts about cars and for that if you are in a steady traffic, switch off your engine and read this article. Don’t worry it will be completed until the traffic starts to move again.

If you are driving a Toyota branded model, then consider yourself one of the people who owns the best car because Toyota has been in the top of the car selling brand from the past few decades. Yes, there is Ferrari, MacLarren, Lamborghini, Mercedes and other brands like these but these are the brands which are consumed by the rich only and there is a small number of rich people in the world. So, that is why Toyota has been the best-selling. We know that almost 90% of the cars are operated by fuel or you can say petrol and the world’s most fuel consuming country in U.S so, now you know why there so many funny memes going around the internet of U.S and petrol.

Car maintenance is important right and if you don’t do it regularly meaning to say on weekly basis then the life expectancy of your car gets less. So, it was estimated that each year people spend 60 billion AED on their car’s maintenance. Which means each person spends 600 AED on a single car for its tune-up. Since the roads have become small because car users are increasing each day and know this that each year three billion gallons of fuel is burnt and wasted due to the traffic. You must be very protective about your car but if you own a Honda Accord, get it insured and get a double tracker in it because the most stolen cars recorded are Honda Accord. And yes, white is the most popular and demanded colors in cars.

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