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How to become a consultant in Dubai

If you want to start some unique business in Dubai which requires less investment and meanwhile you also want to build strong connection with society then you must go for consultancy business. But you should go for this business only if you have strong communication skills and you can convince your customers. Because this type of business runs on the basis of communication skills. So you can offer services of different visa processing such as multiple entry visa UAE, 30 days Dubai visa. There are also many other types of visa which you can also offer. But if you are still confused that how you should start this business then here is complete guide for you.

Make your business plan:

Firstly, you should make strong business plan that how you will start your business and how much investment you want to do in beginning. You should also know that how you will start visa processing and which type of connections will be required for you. So you must consider about your market links and links in embassy where actual visa processing will be done. You should also consider that how many persons you will hire in beginning or you want to run your business independently. Then you should also make plan that which types of visas you will offer in beginning. 

Choose location for your office:

Then you should also choose location for your office. you should choose place where maximum persons can come so your office must be in the main city and near to the passport office or near to the other consultancy firms.

Get license for your office:

Then you should apply for your business as there is rule in Dubai that you can not start your business without license. So you will complete all documentation requirement and then you should apply for license. 

Choose name for your company:

Then you should choose name for your company. It must be unique and it must be relevant to your services. You should also get logo of your company so that it may be easy to remember by your customers. 

Start preparing your office:

Then you should start preparing your office. It must be built in unique way and you must purchase furniture for your office which is in trend. Because set up of your office matters a lot and then you should start offering your services.