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How to Kill 99.99% of the Germs on Your Hand?

Liquid hand washing is an antiseptic liquid which has an antiseptic ingredient used to actively discourage, destroy or render harmless the microorganisms that live in the human hand. This liquid is used in almost all situations where hand washing is required, and it is also found in many other products.

In its purest form, liquid hand wash online only contains sodium hypochlorite. However, as most products contain various additional ingredients, it is wise to consider how these additives can affect the cleaning power of liquid hand wash.

Types of ingredients:

The most common liquid hand wash is sodium hypochlorite, which is often combined with bar soap. Bar soap is generally made from oils and fats obtained from beef or chicken and processed to remove the grease and dried out ingredients. The combination of sodium hypochlorite and bar soap helps make the liquid hand wash more detergent-like in feel and therefore more effective at killing germs. This detergent-like feel makes it easier for people to work with the liquid hand wash. Visit site to know more about hand wash.

Other additives:

To bar soap are usually peroxides and surfactants, which work to eliminate airborne contaminants. These additives remove dirt, oil and grease from the surface of the bar soap and create a film of protection over the microorganisms that can cause illness. The film also traps the germs that are in the liquid, making them unable to grow. Many people prefer using liquid hand wash versus bar soap because it feels more like regular soap. Bar soap has a harder consistency, while liquid hand wash easily conforms to the palm’s contours.


Aside from traditional soap varieties, there are many organic liquid hand wash options available in stores, ranging from those made from plant oils like macadamia and grape seed to the all-natural ingredients found in soap. These organic ingredients are mild and hypoallergenic, meaning they won’t cause allergic reactions or irritations. There are also many options for vegetable-based shampoos.

Market expansion:

With the current economic climate, many companies are looking at their profit margins and looking to reduce their inventory. As a result, the organic hand wash market has seen a boom of late, resulting in more options for consumers and more competition between different manufacturers. With more options and more competition, consumers can save money and help the environment at the same time by buying organic products.