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Things to do on maternity leave

Having time alone with your baby can be both, cheery and happy or exhausting and monotonous. It is pretty common to feel one or another and lose yourself in that time, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Your maternity leave should me more than just changing into maternity shorts and getting along with the routine. There is so much that you can do, here’s how:

Baby swimming lessons

Babies are swimmers and it is no joke. You can sign up for swimming classes once your baby is 4 months old and they will be enjoying their swim along with other young kids. Don’t be scared to put your baby into water because even if they don’t feel up for the swim they are surely going to love it after one or two tries but make sure that you are along with them.

Take a stroll to the park

Even if your baby is too young to be playing along with other kids in the park, you are surely going to love going outside for once. Every day’s same routine seems to be tiring enough but change once in a while will surely help both of you to unwind. Some morning fresh air, sunshine and brisk walk with the baby in the stroller will sum up for the perfect maternity leave.

Let the silence soak in

We have seen so many women who don’t get even a second in their whole day to even look in the mirror let alone flaunt their maternity wear Dubai and go out on parties. In this daily hustle we would highly suggest you to sit down for a moment and cuddle with your little one while they sleep because sometimes these tender moments of quietness is all you need.

Ask the baby daddy to be home

Let’s change this monotony where just moms have to take the maternity leave and look after the baby. If it isn’t hard on your finances then ask the baby daddy to take a few days off or cut down some hours to be able to spend some bonding time with the baby so that you get some free time to do what you please once after the baby is born. Try to make that possible because your family is going to cherish these moment forever.