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Tips to have a memorable wedding for cheap

Wedding is the most important and the most memorable event of every person’s life. Therefore, people wish to celebrate this day with joy and happiness. They look for the best hall where they could serve as many people as they want. The couple go to must-go salon and parlor to beautify themselves with WOW hairstyle, make-up and dress. Yet, it all needs money, too much money. Not everyone can afford to have fat wedding or expansive wedding but it does not means that they do not have right to dream and wish something big. They have right for it and they can fulfill them. All they need is to use some smartness and smart-techniques to achieve the mission. There are many ways to have desired wedding without any support of wedding entertainment company or entertainment agencies dubai. For this you have to follow some tips. The tips are:

  1. Instead of hall or banquet, go for lawn of your friend. It is perfect sure that there would be one of your friend who would have big house and lawn. Ask her to permit you to have celebration in her or his lawn. In this way, you don’t need to spend money on hall. 
  2. Having a lawn is not enough. You need chairs and tables. They are not difficult to get. You can get tables from your home and the home of your friends. For chairs, contact friends who have tons of chairs of same color and size. If they don’t have, then contact chair and furniture services to get on rent for few hours.  
  3. Food also consume the biggest budget. Therefore, it is better to cook yourself or ask friend to cook their special item. Instead of having so many dishes and desserts. Keep a dessert and something easy-to-make with drink. For dessert, you can prepare a big chocolate cake and cut them into pieces and for something spicy, prepare vegetable noodles in large quantity. The two can be baked and cooked by anyone. 
  4. Dress and makeup can be done cheaply if you know how to use and practice via YouTube. You can hairstyling and makeup by yourself if you have YouTube. For dress, you have to spend money but if you have a friend who has wedding dress then ask her to give you for a day.