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Athletes being fitter as they age

An athlete that strives to aim for glory in their sporting career should be able to gain access to the best physiotherapist in Abu Dhabi.  Physiotherapy sessions suit sports which require athletes to be better conditioned, flexible and agile. Top ranked players of different sports are able to perform at the highest level by taking care of their bodies, this rules out the notion of relying excessively on “talent”. 

Job of a physiotherapist in brief: Usually physiotherapist work on injured athletes by helping them to recover and regain complete fitness before they can get back to their sporting activities. Wrist injuries are caused from games that involve holding a racquet or a cricket bat. The physiotherapist would make the player grip stress balls to assess the mobility and strength of the wrist.

Work with non injured players: Physiotherapist are often misunderstood as most people think they only deal with injured athletes which is not necessarily the case. It is common for active athletes to have a physiotherapist alongside. These therapist have been known to contribute in improving the performance of an athlete. They lay out specific plans for attending physical sessions. Physiotherapists are always ready to work with the player pre and post match as players need to make sure they are warmed up to avoid being stiff. Physiotherapists can carve out the perfect short session for an athlete post match in order to recover for the next games. 

Physiotherapists can be great leaders: Physiotherapists can turn out to the kind of leaders athletes need. They are very good at addressing loopholes in an athlete’s game. For instance, the therapist notices that a tennis player relies excessively on their hips which can lead to a potential injury. The therapist would come up with exercises to improve the player’s overall core to avoid injuries of any sort. Similarly, a therapist notices a glitch while the tennis player hits a serve as a result the shoulder gets injured. The therapist would work on strengthening the shoulders. Tennis is just one sport where a physiotherapist can contribute more than a head coach. Physiotherapists get attention in international events such as the Olympic games. 

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